Recently graduating in 2020 from textiles at The Glasgow School of Art - as a print and pattern designer I like to take my experimental drawings and turn them into prints for interior and lifestyle accessories injecting happiness and colour onto something tangible and useful every day.


Alongside my time at art school, I have been teaching sewing and craft workshops, and I am currently based in Central Scotland. Sharing traditional craft and knowledge in a collaborative environment is an important aspect of my design ethos. 

 Using photography and quick sketches to capture found colour and texture, to create my prints I emulate these qualities using spray-painting and experimental printmaking methods to draw and explore scale, shape and texture within mark making.


I like to digitally and screen print designs onto natural fabrics such as thick linens and cottons, for their superior tactility and durability in a circular economy.


I embrace the balance and potential of digitally manipulating and layering my hand drawn marks and textures. Incorporating technology means there is no limit to what surface my prints can be put onto and allows them to hold the same playful and bright impact at any scale. 


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